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Air Permitting and Compliance

GBMc & Associates provides strategic air permitting services to assist industrial and institutional clients achieve cost-effective compliance with local, state, and federal air regulations.  Specific service areas include: New Source Review and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD); Title V and State Implementation Program permit application development and permit negotiation; air dispersion modeling; emission inventories and other routine reporting to meet state requirements as well as federal regulation monitoring and compliance reporting; Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plans; Risk Management Plans (RMP); compliance program development; and enforcement negotiation.

Air Reporting

GBMc & Associates provides support for all reporting needs driven by air permit or air regulations.  We work directly with clients to develop a plan to meet all reporting requirements in an efficient and timely manner.  Reporting that GBMc frequently completes includes: Initial compliance notifications, Notifications of compliance status, Routine compliance and monitoring reports, Toxic Release Inventory: air emissions, Title V Annual Compliance Certifications, Mandatory greenhouse gas reporting, Emission Inventories for numerous states, Reasonable Possibility recordkeeping and, if required, reporting

Compliance Assistance

GBMc & Associates helps industrial, commercial, and federal facilities meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and public expectations.  We help clients comply with environmental laws through federal and state regulations through permitting and reporting mentioned above.  We also help clients with compliance through developing Environmental Management Systems; Parsing and documenting permit or regulation requirements and their compliance demonstration methodology; Creating required environmental plans such as QA/QC Plans, Testing Plans, Monitoring Plans, and Flare Management Plans; Completing regulatory audits to identify deficiencies or improvement opportunities, Performing EPA Method 9 testing, Providing on-site support for short or long term for personnel shortages, Coordinating with regulatory agencies on enforcement issues, Providing litigation support


Dispersion Modeling

GBMc & Associates provides support for dispersion modeling of air pollutants.  Our modeling experience includes NAAQS impact evaluations and state toxics screening.  GBMc is proficient in the use of the following air dispersion models: SCREEN3, ISC3, CALPUFF, AERSCREEN, and AERMOD.  We have completed air dispersion modeling as part of air permit applications within several states including: Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, and Texas.


Federal Regulations (MACT-NSPS)

GBMc & Associates provides support for federal regulation compliance and reporting including New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). GBMc has assisted facilities in multiple industries with NSPS/NESHAP compliance. These industries include pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, wood and paper products, fertilizer plants, natural gas processing, petroleum refining, lumber mills, printing, steel fabrication, surface coating, food processing, metal tube manufacturing, injection molding, large appliance manufacturing, roofing and asphalt manufacturing, animal feed, sand and rock quarries, hospitals, and specialty products manufacturing.  GBMc also supports clients with engine compliance. 


Greenhouse Gas

GBMc & Associates provides support for evaluating, monitoring, and reporting greenhouse gases (GHGs).  We develop monitoring plans to comply with the GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule (GHG MRR), provide support calculating annual GHG emissions, and work directly within EPA's online reporting tool to assist facilities in reporting annual GHG emissions.


Risk Management

GBMc & Associates provides support for the development and update of risk management plans (RMP).  We can assist you with:

  • Identifying what chemicals at your facility may require an RMP

  • Identifying required release scenarios and appropriate modeling (ALOHA, RMP*Comp, etc)

  • Determining the impact radius of each release scenario on the surrounding area

  • Evaluating release scenarios to determine types of environmental receptors



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Why choose GBMc for your next project?


Cross Media Support

Our team of biologists, engineers, and environmental scientists work with each individual facility on a holistic permitting approach across all environmental regulatory programs.  

Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

With our deep bench of experienced consultants and former-regulators, we are uniquely equipped to guide your facility through complex environmental permitting processes.

Sensible Compliance

Sensible Compliance

We don't stop at the permit application. Our team works with permitting agencies to ensure that permits not only meet regulatory requirements, but that the conditions balance operational flexibility with common sense compliance. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Through our feasibility planning and assessments, we work closely with clients to determine the best approach for each unique situation. 

Complete Monitoring

Complete Monitoring

Once we’re through the permitting and planning stage, our team can work with you to ensure continued compliance including application tracking, soil nutrient/metals loading and soil and waste analysis.

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Diversified Experience

Our range of construction and project management success spans several industrial sectors, and we are always working to remain an industry leader in the ever-changing landscape of new technology, methods, and innovative solutions.