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ASTM Phase I-II Environmental Site Assessment

GBMc & Associates provides environmental site assessments to identify existing or potential recognized environmental conditions in connection with a subject property.  These services are offered at an expedited schedule to facilitate quick commercial and industrial real estate transactions.

Biological Assessment

GBMc & Associates provides a broad range of services relative to the assessment of aquatic biological communities in both streams and lakes.  Fish, macroinvertebrate, periphyton, zooplankton, phytoplankton and habitat collection and analysis techniques have been used over a wide range of habitat types and sampling conditions.  GBMc maintains a variety of field equipment to facilitate multiple site surveys in various size waterbodies.  GBMc & Associates have maintained appropriate state collectors permits, allowing sampling and preservation of aquatic macroinvertebrates, and fish since the mid-1980’s and for multiple states including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Virginia and Kansas.  Key attributes of our bioassessment program are listed below.

Human Health-Ecological Risk Assessment

GBMc & Associates has completed ecological risk assessments and human health risk assessments for industrial clients with concerns ranging from heavy metals to organic pollutants.  Our team of scientists, toxicologists and engineers have over 50 years of combined experience assessing risk of toxic pollutants to the environment.  Our experience spans all media types including water, groundwater, soil/sediment and air.  GBMc has the field resources and expertise to not only evaluate ecological risk from the desktop but to conduct comprehensive risk assessment studies that include field data collection and fate and transport modeling.

Natural Resources

GBMc & Associates provides natural resources management services. Specific areas of expertise and project experience include: wildlife surveys and management, wetlands management, terrestrial insect surveys, vegetation surveys and mapping, land use management, ecological restoration, Geographic Information System support and invasive species eradication and management.

Stream and Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

GBMc & Associates has completed multiple ecological restoration projects including wetlands, streams, lakes and upland areas.  Our experience includes mitigation plan development, design of restoration/enhancement projects and construction management.  Several members of our mid to senior level staff have been trained in Natural Channel Design (Rosgen, 1996) and have field experience surveying stream channels, classifying streams and evaluating restoration potential.  Our staff of ecologists, hydrologists and engineers form an ideal restoration team that has successfully designed restoration projects in several stream reaches that have included; step-pools, riffles, veins, thousands of feet of bank stabilization and in-stream habitat features.  The same team, coupled with our wetlands scientists have successfully restored and/or enhanced wetland habitats for mitigation and water/stormwater treatment.

USACE Permitting

GBMc & Associates provides strategic US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Permitting Services to a range of clients in order to reduce, avoid, or minimize impacts to Waters of the US and to minimize costs associated with permitting and mitigation.  Specific service areas include:  identification and delineation of Waters of the US, development of pre-construction notification packets (permit applications) for Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Sections 9 and 10 of the Rivers and Harbor Act, correspondence and negotiations with the USACE, and mitigation support including guidance on avoidance of Waters of the US and development of compensatory mitigation plans.  




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Why choose GBMc for your next project?


Cross Media Support

Our team of biologists, engineers, and environmental scientists work with each individual facility on a holistic permitting approach across all environmental regulatory programs.  

Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

With our deep bench of experienced consultants and former-regulators, we are uniquely equipped to guide your facility through complex environmental permitting processes.

Sensible Compliance

Sensible Compliance

We don't stop at the permit application. Our team works with permitting agencies to ensure that permits not only meet regulatory requirements, but that the conditions balance operational flexibility with common sense compliance. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Through our feasibility planning and assessments, we work closely with clients to determine the best approach for each unique situation. 

Complete Monitoring

Complete Monitoring

Once we’re through the permitting and planning stage, our team can work with you to ensure continued compliance including application tracking, soil nutrient/metals loading and soil and waste analysis.

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Diversified Experience

Our range of construction and project management success spans several industrial sectors, and we are always working to remain an industry leader in the ever-changing landscape of new technology, methods, and innovative solutions.