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Construction Management

GBMc & Associates provides on-site construction management and oversight services for capital projects. The Construction Manager is the direct representative of the Owner/Engineer to ensure that engineering plans/specifications are complied with by Contractors during construction and the completed project meets the desired outcome.

Design Plans - Specifications

GBMc & Associates provides civil engineering design plans and specifications for site work, underground utilities (gravity and force main), wastewater treatment, and stormwater drainage/retention.  Services include construction cost estimation, preparation and distribution of complete construction bid packages and bid tabulation. 

Erosion Control

GBMc & Associates has developed and implemented stormwater runoff and erosion control plans for large and small construction sites. Associated tasks include construction site evaluation, Best Management Practice (BMP) research and specification, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan development, coordination with vendors, coordination with construction contractors, negotiation and coordination with regulatory agencies, and oversight management during BMP installation and construction.

Low Impact Development

GBMc & Associates provides civil engineering design plans and specifications for site development utilizing the principles of Low Impact Development (LID).  The goal of LID is to minimize the hydrologic/hydraulic impact of site development using bioretention, pervious pavements, filter strips, and other management practices.

Project Management

GBMc & Associates provides complete management services for capital projects.  The Project Manager directs all aspects of the project and coordinates between the Owner, Engineer and Contractors to meet project objectives, budgets, and schedule.

Site Remediation - Brownfields

GBMc & Associates provides site characterization, remediation design and regulatory assistance in voluntary cleanup/brownfields projects. Services include human health/ecological exposure assessment, evaluation of remedies, preparation of Property Develop Plans, and coordination with regulatory agencies

Spill Response - Contingency Plans

GBMc & Associates can assess sites and prepare Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans for onshore production and non-production facilities in accordance with 40 CFR 112 and Facility Response Plans for locations subject to 40 CFR 112.20.

Utility - Pipeline Services

GBMc & Associates provides regulatory and technical expertise for the planning, permitting, and implementation of linear construction projects, for both overhead electric transmission lines and conventional trench excavated pipelines. Specific service areas include: PSC routing studies, public participation, environmental impact assessments, NPDES permit application development, wetlands delineation/USACE permitting, erosion/sediment control plan development and inspection, and coordination with local authorities.

Wastewater Treatment Services

GBMc & Associates provides engineering evaluation and troubleshooting of physical, chemical, and biological wastewater treatment systems.  Engineers and scientists perform sampling/analysis studies to characterize municipal and industrial effluents to aid the assessment and optimization of treatment system performance. 




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Why choose GBMc for your next project?


Cross Media Support

Our team of biologists, engineers, and environmental scientists work with each individual facility on a holistic permitting approach across all environmental regulatory programs.  

Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

With our deep bench of experienced consultants and former-regulators, we are uniquely equipped to guide your facility through complex environmental permitting processes.

Sensible Compliance

Sensible Compliance

We don't stop at the permit application. Our team works with permitting agencies to ensure that permits not only meet regulatory requirements, but that the conditions balance operational flexibility with common sense compliance. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Through our feasibility planning and assessments, we work closely with clients to determine the best approach for each unique situation. 

Complete Monitoring

Complete Monitoring

Once we’re through the permitting and planning stage, our team can work with you to ensure continued compliance including application tracking, soil nutrient/metals loading and soil and waste analysis.

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Diversified Experience

Our range of construction and project management success spans several industrial sectors, and we are always working to remain an industry leader in the ever-changing landscape of new technology, methods, and innovative solutions.