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GBMc & Associates provides strategic storm water permitting services to assist industrial, construction, and municipal clients in achieving cost-effective compliance with local, state, and federal storm water discharge regulations.


Experience You Can Count On

Our team has extensive experience with numerous projects requiring a Notice of Intent (NOI), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPS), or Sort Term Activity Authorization (STAA) for in-stream construction activities. Our team has extensive experience with numerous projects requiring a Notice of Intent (NOI), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPS), or Short Term Activity Authorization (STAA) for in-stream construction activities. We work closely with every client determine the best management practices (BMP) specification and sediment and erosion control recommendations for their specific needs.


Complete Storm Sampling

We provide complete storm sampling support including laboratory coordination, sampling, sample handling, data analysis, corrective action plan development, and preparation of annual reports. Our team of experienced stormwater site inspectors and individuals are well qualified to complete required SWPPP training, monitoring, and record keeping for construction projects.


Municipal Support

We fully support Phase II municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) users including specialized monitoring, inspections, pollutant reduction recommendations, treatment feature design, BMP's, and assistance with reporting requirements.

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Watershed Scale Non-Point Source Reduction Studies

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Completed watershed scale non-point source (pollutants occurring as the result of storm water runoff) reduction studies that include monitoring, source assessment, modeling, and recommendations for pollutant reduction. Recommendations frequently include installation of treatment features in urban and commercial areas, stream bank stabilization and implementation of agricultural land management practices.

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Greg Phillips


Greg is an Environmental Scientist and Principal owner at GBMc & Associates. Greg has a diverse background in aquatic biology and toxicology. Greg’s experience includes work in the areas of: modeling surface water quality, toxicity testing, conducting ecological surveys of fish and benthic macroinvertebrate communities, and environmental sampling of various media.

Josh Fluger

Josh Fluger

Josh is an Associate and Environmental Scientist with GBMc & Associates. Josh’s focus service areas include managing and assisting with Section 404 permitting, NPDES environmental compliance/permitting, ecological/environmental assessment, stream restoration, water quality monitoring, and stormwater management projects.

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Brad is Senior Environmental Scientist and Senior Associate with GBMc & Associates. Brad has a diverse background in water chemistry, soil science, and wetland biology. Brad’s focus areas include wetland delineation / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting, ecological assessments, storm water design / permitting, and fate / transport of nutrients and contaminants in soils.

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