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Hydrological and Hydraulic Studies

GBMc & Associates have completed numerous hydrological and hydraulic studies for a wide range of applications. Many studies have been completed in support of TMDL and waste load allocations or for flow analysis. Projects often include dye tracer studies to determine time of travel, flow modeling (including HEC-RAS analysis) and direct instream measurement of flow using the velocity area method. On several occasions GBMc & Associates have calculated new regulatory low flows (7Q10, 7Q2, etc) for permittees resulting in increases to stream background flows and associated allowable increases in pollutant loading to the receiving stream. GBMc & Associates has a long-time relationship working with state, USGS, and EPA Environmental Quality staff on hydrological and other water quality issues.

NPDES Permitting

GBMc & Associates provides strategic NPDES Permitting Services to industrial and municipal clients in order to minimize costs associated with compliance with water quality standards and effluent guideline requirements.  Specific service areas include: permit application development (including clean sampling for metals), permit review and negotiations, adjudication support, preparation of pollution prevention plans, and NPDES data systems management including DMR preparation.


GBMc & Associates provides strategic stormwater permitting services to assist industrial, construction, and municipal clients in achieving cost-effective compliance with local, state, and federal stormwater discharge regulations. Specific service areas include attainment of applicable stormwater permits, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development, development and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), site inspections, sampling and monitoring, training, record keeping, and reporting.

TMDL Studies and Water Quality Modeling

GBMc & Associates provides expertise to municipal and industrial clients in order to develop technically sound TMDL and waste load allocation studies. We have considerable experience in running EPA supported water quality models including QUAL2E, WASP, and CORMIX. GBMc & Associates field crews are experienced in conducting studies that directly effect the results of TMDL modeling including low flow analysis, hydraulic and dye studies, and collection of water quality and in-situ data on both large and small streams. GBMc & Associates has long-term working relationships with State and EPA staff in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Louisiana. We have successfully negotiated permit limits, results of TMDL studies and approval of special water quality studies with personnel in each of these states.

Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET)

GBMc & Associates provides expertise to industrial and municipal clients related to their NPDES required WET testing application. We have extensive experience in issues related to the implementation both routine WET testing and the development and implementation of TREs and TIEs in compliance with NPDES mandated toxicity testing. Ever increasing focus on WET testing as a method to measure permit compliance requires increased attention to routine monitoring of WET test results to document both test success and test failures. EPA and State application of reasonable potential determination requires ever vigilant attention to both lethal and non-lethal WET test performance. GBMc individualizes EPA/state methods to cost effectively address WET testing and TRE issues applying a tiered approach to facility WET test compliance.




Why choose GBMc for your next project?


Cross Media Support

Our team of biologists, engineers, and environmental scientists work with each individual facility on a holistic permitting approach across all environmental regulatory programs.  

Regulatory Support

Regulatory Support

With our deep bench of experienced consultants and former-regulators, we are uniquely equipped to guide your facility through complex environmental permitting processes.

Sensible Compliance

Sensible Compliance

We don't stop at the permit application. Our team works with permitting agencies to ensure that permits not only meet regulatory requirements, but that the conditions balance operational flexibility with common sense compliance. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Through our feasibility planning and assessments, we work closely with clients to determine the best approach for each unique situation. 

Complete Monitoring

Complete Monitoring

Once we’re through the permitting and planning stage, our team can work with you to ensure continued compliance including application tracking, soil nutrient/metals loading and soil and waste analysis.

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Diversified Experience

Our range of construction and project management success spans several industrial sectors, and we are always working to remain an industry leader in the ever-changing landscape of new technology, methods, and innovative solutions.